New York to California

Hi Guys,

Sorry for not posting anything for a while.I have been just busy moving from New York to Burbank , California. Yea , I finally moved after living for a decade in New York. So , I have been so busy with my new work that I hardly get time to spend on my website.But I promise , Once I get settled in I will continue to update with my on goings.Till Then TATA …

P.S: For those who are really into AJAX and like Coldfusion, Jacob Munson has done a great tool on it .For Info Check this Website out !


~ by rahmansaher on November 13, 2005.

3 Responses to “New York to California”

  1. Moving to Burbank? I don’t know if you have a job, but we have an open position for a Sr. CF Dev at in Pasadena, close by. I encourage you to apply.

  2. Thanks for the offer Sami.Actually ,I moved just because of the project i recently took in Cali. See you around browsing 🙂

  3. Great!! I am happy that you are closer to me now. Hope we can meet after 6 years sometime before you move on again. BTW the ashar were pretty good. When did u become a poet??

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