Integrating of Flex and Coldfusion

Tonight , I was doing some research on Flex and came accross this Blog by Jeremybruck .Check it out to know more about insights of integrating Flex and ColdFusion . Hope you guys like it …

Link :Jeremy Bruck Blog on FlexingCfmx

Edit : I just came accross Tariq Ahmed’s website on Flex and Coldfusion. Check it out ! Its worth if you are thinking of doing something in FLEX. He has done a excellent job for the FLEX community !

Link :


~ by rahmansaher on December 8, 2005.

3 Responses to “Integrating of Flex and Coldfusion”

  1. i am planning to use ColdFusion as a content management system (not much of a system but as an application)

    what do u say? .. have u used some other content management system?

  2. Nabeel , they are many Open Source Projects available on the net. Brian Rinaldi has posted an impressive list of open source ColdFusion projects and applications on

    Hope it helps

  3. wow deeeeeeppppp iv never seen a real life geek beore. ok i came here by mistake. i bid thee adieu.

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