Dormant for a While

Really, I have been so busy with my work I hard get time to have enough sleep. It looks like I will be busy for another couple of weeks .We are doing some Major changes at work. Lots of applications are being mirgrated and we are also loosing our tech lead in another weeks . ( He is moving to a different state ) .

Meanwhile, Me and my collegue Siraj Sayeed has been working on this new system which is completely based on CFAJAX . I would love to explain more about it in details , soon after we round it up production.I will try to post some major and tricky bugs we faced during our development.

But I know for sure , it will good couple of weeks before I come here and write about it.. 🙂


~ by rahmansaher on April 7, 2006.

2 Responses to “Dormant for a While”

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