Yahoo Messenger And Windows MSN Messenger Together !

Today , I was able to add my Hotmail Contacts to my Yahoo Messenger. You can Also do the same from MSN Messenger.  All you need to have is the latest Beta Versions of Messenger and then you should be good to go.


~ by rahmansaher on July 13, 2006.

5 Responses to “Yahoo Messenger And Windows MSN Messenger Together !”

  1. Windows Live Messaging network links up with Yahoo Messenger

    I logged-in yesterday to Yahoo Messenger BETA 8 and noticed a tab on top of the messaging software with a notice to the effect that I could now chat with my friends on Windows Live (MSN) Messenger. Hmmnnnn…. How sweet!
    Yahoo and MSN announced t…

  2. I have msn messenger7.5 and i also want yahoo messenger, how do I add this to my msn messenger. help…. i need the instructions for DUMMIES!

  3. Jan ,

    You would need to download the later verison of MSN Messenger 8.0 . That would be all and you would be able to add you yahoo buddies . You can download the latest version from here :

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  5. hola

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